The Ultimate Gift Set
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We're very excited to introduce our brand new Everlasting Roses, an elegant addition to our collection that we want you to experience firsthand.

To celebrate this launch, we're launching an incredible offer to make it easy for you to gift them.

But you may be wondering “What's so special about these flowers?”

The answer is they're not just another flower bouquet.

Unlike typical flowers that can wilt after some days, our special roses are preserved to last over a year or more, maintaining their fresh-cut appearance with minimal care.

The secret to this is using farms located at 2800 meters above sea level, where the most beautiful roses grow and they're preserved through eco-friendly and proprietary processes.

An elegant gift that will last, beautifully decorate any space, and will always remind them of you when they see it.

To make this offer even more special and personalized, we included a personalization bonus where you can add a small 21-character message on the hatbox.

...And with our express 3-day turnaround time, your special message and the entire gift set will be ready and delivered sooner. 

This bonus is optional, you can also leave it blank for faster delivery. 

This all-in-one set not only saves you a ton of time being in one place but it makes sure you're gifting a unique and lasting gift that will impress and they will love.

Along with the roses, you'll receive $196.50 worth of amazing goodies, including gourmet truffles, a scented candle, a stylish tumbler, and more.

Everything is included in the $198 offer price.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to surprise and win some major brownie points in the process :)

Don’t miss your chance because we only have 2 bundles left for this special promo.

The Ultimate Gift Set



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