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Meet DBD Florist's NEW Everlasting Roses—12 stunning roses that stay fresh for years to come, all in a stylish hat box.

Looking for a gift that will last, decorate, and impress? You found it!

Everlasting flowers are long-lasting natural flowers that last up to a year or more without losing their color, texture, or shape with just some minimal care

These last as long as dried flowers while keeping the texture and flexibility of fresh-cut flowers.

We use farms in Ecuador at 2800 meters above sea level, where the most beautiful roses grow and are preserved through eco-friendly, proprietary processes.

Choosing Everlasting Roses means you value beauty and simplicity, making them ideal for anniversaries, Mother's Day, birthdays, thank you, or just because.

Keeping your Everlasting Roses in top condition is easy:

Do: Keep the arrangement in a room-temperature environment. Lightly dust if necessary. Handle the arrangement with care due to its delicate nature.

Don't: Water the roses or expose them to direct sunlight. Avoid placing objects on the roses to prevent damage. Do not remove the roses from their box, as they are perfectly arranged for lasting beauty. Keep the arrangement away from light-colored fabrics or surfaces to prevent staining.

Everlasting Roses offers a lasting connection to your feelings, a choice that keeps the essence of your love vibrant long after typical gifts have faded.

Everlasting Roses



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