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Product Description

This blue and white sympathy arrangement is a stunning and elegant tribute to your loved one. The arrangement includes a mix of white and blue blooms, carefully arranged to create a sense of depth, texture, and movement.

The white roses and garden roses represent purity, innocence, and reverence, while the blue delphinium and hydrangeas symbolize dignity, grace, and remembrance. The white stock, wax flower, mums, and poms add a delicate and fragrant touch to the arrangement, providing a sense of calm and comfort.

The flowers are arranged in a natural and organic style, with some blooms arranged higher than others, creating a sense of flow and movement. The blue and white color scheme is serene and calming, making it a fitting choice for a sympathy arrangement.

There are touches of greenery accents to add depth and texture to the design. The overall effect is one of beauty, grace, and serenity.

This blue and white sympathy arrangement is a heartfelt and meaningful way to express your condolences and honor the memory of your loved one.

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